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Welcome to Happy Life Kids Photography where the philosophy is simple: life's most precious joys come from the smallest of moments and the youngest of people!

Kids, from babies on up, contain the most immense capacity for happiness, curiosity and love. Encapsulating those feelings and capturing those immeasurable seconds is exactly what Happy Life Kids Photography is all about.

Each age group requires a unique take to find what they most relate to. As a trained Teaching Artist with over five years of educational experience, had the pleasure (and often challenge) of being up close and personal with children's development. The trick of the trade, I've learned, is bringing a sense of safety and silliness to the party. With your parental help, sparking that joy and encouraging their inner passions will create truly remarkable photos you will cherish forever.

 Daphna Shull | | 813-943-2673 | Los Angeles, CA  |

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